With our high quality watch, It can monitor you vital signs and allow you or your doctor easy to manage your health.

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How it works

This App with our watch working together will provide realtime vital signs for doctors and users to monitor their health status. 1. Based on mornitored health status, if users need Doctor's help, he can make appointment online and get consulting with this App. 2. Doctors or nurses can monitor users health status changes and provide necessary supports. 3. Users can find local services from this APP and make appointments to meet their needs.

Account types

It has 3 types of account: user, doctors, and service provider.


It is a user dashboard.

Side Bar

It has more buttons to setup user profile and hardware settings.


Health Records

It include all data monitored which related to your health.


You can find a proper doctor at your location or select one which has vitural consualting services.


You can find local service providers for services you needs from a proper categories.

Screen Shots

JXJ APP has many features, like health data collection, Health news, Doctor, service provider, book appointment. The following shots may provide a brief review.

Price List

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$199 one time only
  • jWotch(HM071A)
  • Full recordes access
  • News on health
  • Make appointment with Doctor
  • Make appointment with service providers
  • Data rewards of 200JBT/1st year

High end

$249 One time only
  • jWotch(HM071B)
  • Full recordes access
  • News on health
  • Help function bot
  • Make appointment with Doctor
  • Make appointment with service providers
  • Data rewards of 500JBT/1st year


$299 one time only
  • jWotch(HM081A)
  • Full recordes access
  • News on health
  • Help function bot
  • Pro-Health statut monitoring
  • Make appointment with Doctor
  • Make appointment with service providers
  • Data rewards of 1000JBT/1st year

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