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CEO of JXJ Xiang Jiannan was interviewed by CCTV
Publish Date:2018.01.25


A scientist born in the new society  and under the red flag.

Since he entered into Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980

His life was intimately connected with technology.

After studying and working in foreign countries and big company.

He accumulated abundant technology knowledge and practical experience.

In 2002, Former United States military expert James Berlo and he, as well as IBM former Marketing Director Joy Johnson

Created a top scientific research company --JXJ company projectwhich was devoted to the R&D of bio-sensor.

And brought a series of development and patent achievements.

In 2011, the first smart watch to detect pulse wave -- jWotch was successfully developed.

It can measure the blood pressure, heart rate without time and place limit,

Combined with jDoctor big data platform, it provides health management service for senior.

In 2016, Dr. Xiang led its team to set up Aid-link community housing wisdom elderly care  project, which became the first company to develop hardware, software and big data platform by ourselves and technology-driven enterprise in China.

CEO of JXJ was interviewed by CCTV <Navigator> column, and he introduced our wisdom elderly care principle and the proud achievements from various perspectives.

  click to watch video of interview by CCTV《Navigator》

JXJ was devoted to create a new wisdom elderly care mode -- Aid-link community wisdom housing elderly care. And our wisdom elderly care industry brought high attention from the governments and society. We are also very glad to accept the observation, consultation and inspection from the society.

To tackle the reality situation of supply failing to meet the demands in elderly care industry, we advocate community elderly care which uses Internet+ and cloud technology to bring up professional elderly care service talents. In addition, we also combine the advantages of us and partners of the third party, then bring wisdom elderly care into the daily life of their community.

By wearing our intelligent terminal device jWotch, the health data of senior will be connected to cloud data platform, in which data will be uploaded, and it provides health report according to the health data to achieve the interaction effect with wearers.

     According to Aid-link wisdom elderly care service project, the senior of community elderly care can enjoy the combination of medicine and nursing, daily care, housekeeping and hospital assistant services and realize the assurance of housing elderly care.

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