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New chapter of Aid-link wisdom elderly care--entering into “the Belt, and Road”
Publish Date:2018.01.15

“The Belt, and Road”refers to “Silk road economic belt ”and “21th century Maritime Silk Road”. It was put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinpin and makes much sense in the construction of modernization and leadership around the world.

This China, Japan and Thailand "Belt and Road" Promotion Conference medical of part was held by Tianjin, and “Symposium on the Establishment of Tianjin Medical Science and Technology Innovation Center” was held in 8 August, 2017. United Front work Department, Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Ministry of Education took part in the conference and it targets to discuss the construction of comprehensive medical technology center in Tianjin and cooperation on medicine, health, elderly care an d rehabilitation. Therefore, the new form of resource sharing and advantage makeup help to create the “The Belt, and Road” with Tianjin features.


In 8 August, 2017, guests from China,Japan and Thailand "Belt and Road" Promotion Conference of medical part visited Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care service center.

As a technology innovation-driven IoT company and professional wisdom elderly care solution supplier, Tianjin Aid-link is devoted to the construction of wisdom elderly care solutions and product development,production, sales and operation with self-developed “Cloud-management-terminal” closed-loop ecological health elderly care system. To response the call of 9th CPC National Congress, we strive to promote the combination of medicine and nursing, community hospital and family doctor and set up the first senior chronic disease prevention and control club which reasonably make use of medical resource and solve the problem of seeing doctors for senior.


As to the devotion of JXJ in wisdom elderly care solutions and chronic disease,Sino-Japanese Thai delegation to Tianjin paid a special visit to Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care service center and inspect its advantages and innovation.


    Aid-link was so honored to be the only visiting unit of “The belt,the road”Sino-Japanese Thai delegation to Tianjin and it aims to spread our health management to “The belt,the road” countries and favored more senior by our technology and help their development of medical area, to solve the social problems of elderly care trouble and medical resource shortage.

    In addition, they are willing to cooperate with Aid-link and introduced our health management mode and advanced devices, which was also our wish to favor more senior.


Then, Sino-Japanese Thai delegation to Tianjin took part in the Symposium on the Establishment of Tianjin Medical Science and Technology Innovation Center to discuss the construction of medical technology center and enhance communication and cooperation. In addition we hope to combine with medical , rehabilitation, nursing and finance industry to build a international interaction platform to expand our international market to “The belt, the road” countries.

Aid-link wished to successfully enter the international market by “The belt,the road” and favor more seniors in the future.

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