JXJ was invited to attend the 8th China(The United Arab Emirates ) Trade Exhibition, CEO Xiang Jiannan was presented at the exhibition with jWotch. - 统捷科技
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JXJ was invited to attend the 8th China(The United Arab Emirates ) Trade Exhibition, CEO Xiang Jiannan was presented at the exhibition with jWotch.
Publish Date:2018.01.12


Products in this exhibition includes over 20 kinds in communication and its periphery, computer system and  its periphery, car kit, computer games.

As online shopping become more and more popular in The United Arab Emirates, and the demands of consumer electronics becomes increasingly hot. As China is the biggest imported country from The United Arab Emirates, this exhibition laid a foundation of the consumer electronics entering Chinese market.

Guests attending the exhibition included President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of The United Arab Emirates H.E Al Majid Saif Al Ghurair, Consul General of the People's Republic of China general consulate in Dubai Li Lingbing; Director of Hangzhou Commerce Commission; Director of Hangzhou Commerce Commission Liu Xiaoming; Commercial Counsellor, Economic and Commercial Office, Consulate General of the people's Republic of China in Dubai  Jin Lei; Director of Ningbo Foreign Trade Service Center Zhang Wenhu; Chief Representative of China ' s Representative Office in the Gulf Zhou Guangyao; Deputy Director, Conference and Exhibition Promotion Center, Hebei Commercial Department Li Guanjie.


This exhibition attracts about 15125 professional audience from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen and Oman, among which 1834 Hosted buyers to visit, communicate and purchase, with an buyer increase of 28.4% and trade match of 381.


Photo of guests and leaders

As the national leading enterprise of wearable devices, JXJ was invited to attend the trade fair. CEO Xiang Jiannan was presented the fair with self-developed jWotch.Our high-tech products and advanced wisdom health elderly care management ideas attracted lots of purchasers to visit from all over the world. Dr. Xiang introduced our products and platform to the visitors.

Purchasers are quite interested in the convenient functions and data support from backend big data platform. They put forward their questions and suggestions to Dr. Xiang according to their own circumstance in their country. Dr. Xiang seriously solve their problems and reached several cooperation agreements and hope to make deep negotiation after the exhibition.

In addition, Dr. Xiang made a deep discussion with a service company manager and reached a cooperation intention, they will provide services for Dubai citizens by connecting with jWotch.


Photo of Dr.Xiang and service company represent Nedeem Abbas

Talked with a boss of chain drug store, they put forward a better way to remind users to take medicine and may reach cooperation later.


Dr. Xiang is discussing with the drug store boss.

One more exciting achievement--Dr. Xiang reached agreement with a technical enterprise and manage to set up a cloud service platform in Dubai to provide services for local people.


Dr. Xiang is discussing on the foundation of cloud service platform with technical engineer Jameel Ahmed Memon.


Dr. Xiang is discussing the agent issue in Guangzhou.

And other purchasers visited our exhibition booth and talked happily.

The achievements in the exhibition laid a solid foundation to expand international market and raise its reputation. And we also discovered that our products and health management ideas adapt to many countries and are welcomed, confirmed and supported by the users.


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