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JXJ Aid-link Wisdom Elderly Care Dongxin street become 2017 national wisdom health elderly care example street
Publish Date:2018.01.09

JXJ Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care and Tianjin Hedong district Dongxin street applied  2017 national wisdom health elderly care example street and achieved the first prize.

National wisdom health elderly care example street was selected by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Civil Affair Department and National Health and Family Planning Commission in August this year.It aims to build a batch of  wisdom health elderly care example enterprises, streets and posts to promote the intelligent update of health elderly care service, improve the efficiency of health elderly care and establish wisdom health elderly care system.

JXJ Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care and Dongxin street applied example street and finally become the No.1 among ten thousands of streets after rounds of selection by central and local governments.

According to the official result, JXJ Tianjin Dongxin street was selected the top!

Currently China is in the fast development of industrialization, urbanization and aging, and our ecological environment and life style are changing with inadequate health elderly care resource and low information technology application, it cannot meet the increasing health demands of people.In addition,the aging problem of aging is increasingly serious with imbalance demands and supply of elderly care resource, Tianjin Hedong district Dongxin street began the exploration of wisdom elderly care service new mode. After wide market research and site inspection, it introduced Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care service Co.,Ltd, including Internet+Aid-link wisdom elderly carenew mode and form a representative wisdom elderly care street with various products and functions and complete industry chain.


JXJ Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care and Dongxin street made a union application paper.

Based on the products and technology and R&D support from JXJ, as well as its IoT , big data a, cloud computing and bio-sensor technology, Tianjin Aid-link wisdom elderly care service Co.,Ltd provided health life IoT mobile terminal products and life healthy digital solutions for the senior, solving the increasingly serious aging and sub-healthy problems.

   The Cloud-management-terminalclosed-loop ecological health wisdom elderly care system created by Aid-link realized the perfect connection of resource and demands by technology. By accurate analysis of big data, it provides online health management, safe guide, emergency aid, life care, spirit consolation to professionally and personally create a non-boarder elderly care institutes and meets the increasing demands of housing elderly care.

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