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JXJ was invited to participate in 2017 Jiaxing transnational procurement and "Internet foreign trade" docking Conference in China
Publish Date:2017.11.30

In November, 7, 2017, JXJ was invited to participate in 2017 Jiaxing transnational procurement and "Internet foreign trade" docking Conference in China which was hold by Jiaxing Government, Jiaxing commercial bureau, Jiaixng chamber of import and export trade. Jiaxing Vice-Mayor Sheng Quansheng, Director of Jiaxing commercial bureau Zhang Jiansheng, Vice-director Chen Zhilin, Chairman of Jiaxing chamber of import and export trade, Manger of Shanghai national purchasing center Chen Ping presented the conference. Besides, it also invited President of Shanghai export commodity Association Feng Zhengzhou and he gave a lecture.


As intelligent device technology enterprise, JXJ presented the conference with its own-developed intelligent watch jWotch and Aid-link wisdom elderly care project. We introduced our product and project to foreigner purchaser face to face and made initial cooperation intend with several buyers and look forward to further negotiation.


As one of the activities of 2017 Jiaxing Innovation and development of investment and Trade Fair, Jiaxing transnational procurement Conference had hold eight times since 2010. This year, the theme is The new era of new trade which carried out Jiaxing City Economic Development Plan of " 13th Five-Year" to promote the transformation and development of Jiaxing's foreign trade. The conference also invited 37 superior purchasers from 19 countries such as America, England, Germany and the Belt and Road Initiative countries to gather in Jiaxing and talked to local characteristic industries and enterprises face to face.



There are 2 parts in this activity, one is to invite foreign trade commune and Manager of Alibaba to share the new idea of data driven precision marketing and new field of vision for foreign trade and Cross-border E-commerce under the era of “Internet+”; Another is the purchase docking between foreigner buyers and Jiaxing superior suppliers. Among the 37 purchasers, 35 buyers came to the conference for the first time, and some international large buyers also attended the conference such as ERIC TIBUSCH INTERNATIONAL GROUP, LI&FUNG TRDING SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED, ROUSSO APPAREL GROUP FASHION TRADING CO., LTD, WORLD WIDE TEXTILE CO., LIMITED. The purchasing products mainly include clothing and cloth, furniture, outdoor furniture and energy, and over 150 suppliers in Jiaxing have successfully made negotiation with the purchasing amount of 47 million dollars. 


In addition, the conference also invited 4 famous Cross-border trade service organizations Alibaba, Google Adwords experience center, Foreign Trade commune and Kraus Overseas location, and they presented in the conference to offer big data, Cross-border warehousing, transportation, business check, customs declare, being in bond, financial settlement to foreign trade enterprises in Jiaxing.

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