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JXJ Tech was honored to win the strongest five companies of 2017” Chinese IOT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”
Publish Date:2017.09.20


In Sept. 15th, 2017, Chinese “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” activity week was held in Beijing, with lots of innovative achievements in AI, Saving & Environment, New material and advanced manufacture presenting in the competition.

It was guided by Chinese Science and Technology department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission and held by Chinese Investment Chamber. After times of selection and assessment, the Chinese Internet Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition held an awarding ceremony to award the wining enterprises of “The 3th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” and “Finding the most creative and valuable Internet project”.


In Sept. 17, JXJ Tech was presented in the activity week in Beijing Yizhuang conference hall.


CEO of JXJ Xiang Jiannan brought with our self-developed IOT intelligent device-jWotch product series and Aid-link wisdom elderly care project to win the recognition of both the judges and competitors after contends in serval segments by its actual strength and innovation. JXJ stick out in lots of competition projects after times of selection and assessment and become one of the five most creative enterprises. 


Items of JXJ was highly recognized and appreciated by the guiding units, holding unit and other professional industries and industrialists. CEO Xiang Jiannan also introduced the wisdom medical and nursing management project to all the presenting guests.


The Presenters took photos with the wining enterprises. Left one is Executive Secretary-general Chinese Science Center of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences Liu Honghai, Left two is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Fang Rongxiang, Right two is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Ren Zhenhai, Right one is Vice president of Investment advisory Specialized Committee Zhu Huiyuan.


As the famous scientist , CEO of JXJ Xiang Jiannan lead its team to make technology and idea innovation and expand high-tech fields, and its self-developed intelligent watch jWotch combined advanced IOT sensor technology ,Internet management technology, medical rehabilitation service and elderly care together to form IOT wisdom elderly care idea featured with JXJ Tech as well as lots of International and Domestic patent of invention.


Sketch chart of Aid-link wisdom elderly care project

In Aid-link, the elderly can connect health data with cloud data platform by wearing jWotch, and data can be uploaded to the platform and analyzed to offer a report, which receive the interactive effects.

Meanwhile, the elderly in community elderly care can enjoy some convenient services such as the combination of medicine and nursing, daily care, house delivery and hospitalization assistant.


CEO of JXJ , academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Fang Rongxiang, academician of European Academy of Sciences and Chief Scientist of Beijing Shenzhi Limitless AI institution Hans Uszkoreit had a deep discussion.

By this competition, JXJ not only displayed our wisdom medical nursing management project, but built a good cooperation relationship with lots of elites and excellent enterprises , which promotes the better development of Chinese IOT technology.




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