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Accompanied with JWotch , travelling in joy
Publish Date:2017.08.09

Accompanied with JWotch , travelling in joy

Many old people are wishing to travel to summer resort in hot summer. However, worries from their children and lacking time to accompany their parents prevent them from putting travelling ideas into practice. But for the old in Aid-link, summer vacation becomes an“ easy go ”travel. Let’s feel the pleasant moment during their travels!


△It is the picture from Uncle He and his wife when they are in Mount Lu in Jiangxi Province on 29th


Although Uncle and his wife are both above 80,they build a strong body due to constant exercise. However,Why their children can be at ease to allow them to oing climb by themselves in addition to their strong body? The answer is the  jWotch-032 of JXJ Tech.


Wearing the jWotch,The background of cloud monitoring system will start up,and collect the health data of the old every 30 minute,meanwhile uploading to  the big database . Besides , it can monitor the body condition intelligently and accurately position location the old in case of missing.


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