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Leaders in Tianjin visited our intelligent elderly care service center again
Publish Date:2016.09.20

9.20 on the morning of nine Tianjin City Hedong District Party Secretary Li, District governor Chang Zhao, director of the Bureau of civil affairs again visited our JXJ Group Leling intelligent elderly care service center. They gave a great affirmation! We use the jWotch wrist watch and intelligent platform to provide excellent service for the old. Meanwhile we introduced this idea to leaders of Tianjin, and got their confirmation.


This time, we improved some details. Intelligent elderly care plays an important role in promoting elderly care. Meanwhile, we innovate ourselves to achieve the best result.


After listening to these measures, the leaders expressed support and encouragement. After the last visit of elderly care center, leaders were interested in this project, and expressed that they would continue to focus. So 10 days later, a line of leaders was anxious to see how this project developed.


After listening to the staff’s explanation, some leaders also put forward their own views and opinions, and got answers. The reason for this project with so much attention is, under the situation of serious Chinese in the aging society, how to solve the problem of the elderly old age pension is what everyone wants to solve.


At last, the leaders said they will continue to focus on the wisdom of the community pension and give support and encouragement. Hope the community can do better and better!

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