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Our company was invited to attend the Chinese (Nanjing) international service robot and Intelligent Industry Exhibition
Publish Date:2016.09.18

    The 2016 Chinese (Nanjing) international service robot and Intelligent Industry Exhibition was held in Nanjing international exhibition center. Our company was invited as the leading enterprise in intelligent and wisdom elderly care industry, and jWotch and wisdom elderly care idea were presented.


    The international service robot and Intelligent Industry Exhibition gained much support from Nanjing Government and became the “image card ”of intelligent and high-technology industry, and it will be held annually.

    The exhibition involves all the fields in intelligent industry and service robot, which was rooted in Nanjing and blossom all over the country, and presented the latest products and technology from home and abroad; Being close to the market will promote the development of service robot and intelligent industry and help the attended enterprises to introduce the mature robot and other intelligent products.


    The exhibition was prospective and introductory and likely to be the national largest exhibition in service robot and intelligent industry. It invited medias from various countries, areas, industries, professional newspapers, broadcasts and television, Internet and wechat to make full and systematical reports before, in and after the exhibition, in which our jWotch was reported by medias.


    Our exhibition spot was in G20, mainly presenting the jWotch and wisdom elderly care big data service platform and the Internet + elderly care advanced technology idea. Lots of specialists and visitors were interested in jWotch.

    The jWotch and intelligent wisdom function, big data platform and service were hot issues and gained a lot of confirmation and appraises from the visitors.

    During the Expo, we also reached some initial agreements with some enterprises and was likely to make more negotiates in the future.



    Our company attracted a lot of medias to interview and report. We devoted ourselves in Internet + wisdom elderly care through instance innovative technology, meanwhile we updated our products and make efforts to introduce “non=broad” medical industry around the world, benefiting more users by technology products and intimate service.

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