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Talks with overseas Chinese in Malaysia
Publish Date:2016.09.12

    Recently, our leaders met with overseas Chinese in Malaysia, conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges in the project. Both sides reached an agreement on the future trend of mobile smart devices and pension model. Malaysia overseas Chinese also had intention to cooperate with our company. Investigation and progress in cooperation is the subject of talks.


    Everyone present held their own unique view on the development of endowment pattern and the future of things of the Internet. In the conference, some views are pioneering and foresight. Corresponding schemes are put forward. Atmosphere at the scene was sometimes fierce and sometimes quiet. Everyone was interested in the open opinions, so they listened carefully.


    The leaders and the overseas Chinese took photos in front of the Microsoft logo, meaning to study Microsoft's spirit and its corporation culture: not afraid of failure. The fact is that no exploration, no progress; practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. And the business negotiation is to explore, in order to progress; we also celebrate the talks successfully.


    The leadership of the company and overseas Chinese took many photos. It can be seen, they both are very confident in their ideas. At the same time for the ideas of the other side is also very much agree. In cooperation, if both parties appreciate it, then success is only half a step away.

    Finally, congratulations to the meeting again. We believe in the future there will be more and more opportunities for cooperation!

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