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  • QThe results of blood pressure, heart rate are not right?


    There are two main reasons:

    1. The belt method and the measurement position: 1) The first time of measuring the parameters need to be calibrated. 2) Sit up straight, arms relaxed on the table, and maintain as high as your heart. The sensor should be close to the place where your pulse is strong. Tight jWotch strap, slightly cocks your palm.

    2. Physiological characteristics of blood pressure: Human’s blood pressure is not of their weight or height. It is not unchangeable; on the contrary, it’s constantly changing (under excitement, tension, human’s blood pressure should be increased; after exercise, alcohol, bathing and smoking, blood pressure should be reduced.) every point the timing in quiet condition measuring blood pressure, can obtain comparable blood pressure values. Therefore, it’s suggested that the user should measure blood pressure under quiet conditions at some certain time. Thus, the results are comparable.

  • QWhich numerical values can your watch test?


    HM031 can directly test blood pressure, heart rate, and calories. Others need Bluetooth connection external devices.

    HM032 can directly test the heart rate and calories. Others need Bluetooth connection external devices.

    HM041 can directly test heart rate, blood oxygen, and calories. Others need Bluetooth connection external devices.

  • QHow does your watch monitor your health? What's the difference between a blood pressure monitor and a thermometer?


    The treasure is collected through the wrist after the daily physiological data through the flexible sensor transmission on the watch to our health management platform. Followed by cardiovascular intelligent analysis software analysis, our professional health team will judge your conditions according to the health status of these data, and then give advice and guidance. It is like a personal care monitor who is always concerned about your health. The usual blood pressure meter and thermometer just test the figure at some point and cannot collect and analyze the data. It does nothing to your health.

  • QI use your company's products to test out my blood pressure, pulse and other data. Why the data is different from that tested in the hospital?


    Main reasons are as follows:     

        1. People’s blood pressure and pulse data are not always the same. There is 15 ~ 30 mmHg change of range for a single person in a day. For patients with hypertension, the fluctuation is greater. With the person's mental state, time, season, etc. the body temperature changes. Therefore, the body's blood pressure total is constantly changing; change of blood pressure is normal. Two same figures of blood pressure is not that common.

        2. Whether the measurement method is correct or not will directly affect the accuracy of the data. The correct approach is: the wrist and the height of the heart treasure location should be on the same level; the wrist watch strap should fully contact with the human pulse.

        3. The doctor is using a mercury sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure through the stethoscope, because each doctor's listening, reading habits, parallax, observation error, interpolation error are not the same, which result in different measurement results.    

        4. "White Coat Hypertension" some patients come to the hospital to see the doctor, medical staff wearing white overalls ready to test their blood pressure. They will produce imperceptibly uneasy, tense feelings, resulting in "blood pressure" measurement results increased, known as the “White Coat Hypertension”.

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