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  • QElectronic blood pressure monitors need to be calibrated every year. Is jWotch the same way?


    We also need to treasure wrist timing calibration and correction relates to personal use parameter correction and watch as the detector of the system itself. The former general users need to first use according to their height and weight information on the watch "blood pressure" and "parameter correction" project, the user can whenever and wherever possible later, the staff will produce more data in case of timely and personalized backing "feedback correction" in your use, to stabilize and improve the detection accuracy of your; the latter 3 months, according to the parameters of hand table correction, automatic correction by the background system in user circumstance, the user does not need to any operation

  • QWhat if parameters cannot be calibrated?


    Firstly, make sure that the number is saved correctly. Then, make sure that you watch is connected to the network. If everything is normal, then restart your jWotch.

  • QWhat if the battery duration is short and usage of Bluetooth will add battery consumption?


    Under normal circumstances, jWotch can be used for 2 days. After you get one, it’s suggested that you should charge it at least 3 times. Besides, the function of Bluetooth is consumable. You should turn it down when it’s not used.

  • QWhy can not the phone ring be silent?


    When the phone rings, you can press the green key and your watch will be silent.

    When the phone rings, you can press the green key and your watch will be silent.

    If HM032 rings, power key =hang up, red key=pick up, green key=silent key= turn up the volume

    HM031, HM032 cannot set mute mode; HM041 can be set mute in the contextual mode.

  • QWhat if I am reminded that the watch band is loose when testing blood pressure?


    1. Teach users how to wear it correctly.

    2. Take off your jWotch, press the sensor and do the test to see if the watch band is too loose. If yes, that means something is wrong with the sensor. Technology personnel will help you to fix this.


  • QHow can I use the Bluetooth function?


    For the first time, you should open Bluetooth earphone. And the piolet light will turn to red and blue. Then activate Bluetooth in the communication page. then search device, match them after searching one. If it successes, the piolet light will turn to blue. You can use this function now. The next time you use it, just open Bluetooth earphone and click “connect” in “my device”.

    The next time you use it, just open Bluetooth earphone and click “connect” in “my device”.

  • QjWotch does not upload any data?


    1. Ask the customer whether to turn off the function of uploading health data by itself. Communication interface- setting- watch setting- upload health data.

    2. Whether it is the local number to save the error. Communication interface - dial-up interface - enter the *#7755#. (If it is wrong, save and exit  after changing to the local number)

    3. Confirm whether the watch is connected to the network: the upper left corner of the display G (cell phone card Networking), or wireless connection

    4. The server is unstable. Appease customers and give feedback to technology who will solve the problem.

  • QThere's no blood pressure on the watch. Where can I see my blood pressure?


    There are different types of jWotch. The jWotch with blood pressure testing function shows a range of values. If you want to see the specific figures you can log on to our health management platform, APP or call our service hotline for inquiries. We will analyze your health status according to your health platform the data and give you timely reminders and recommendations.

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